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The Common Operating Environment

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fourDscape® brings a simple to use, interactive virtual reality scene directly to your desktop. Users can navigate accessing both prepositioned static and real time data feeds. It integrates on top of a variety of systems that can deliver spatial and real-time information ranging from large regions to individual buildings.

Actionable Information:

fourDscape® integrates and presents all of your information to you in a single, natural, interactive, easy-to-understand, common, user-defined operating environment, delivered wherever you need it, all of the time.  


Over the past decade, the fourDscape technology has been developed to provide a unique Common Operating Environment in an open, layered, and networked architecture framework (see diagram below).  This layered architecture seamlessly integrates many disparate resources, analytics, objects, and databases, fed into engines, portals, servers and browsers.  Raw data is transformed from information into actionable knowledge and comprehensive awareness. As the geospatial-temporal data flows up the layers, and it is presented interactively to the user in a 4D augmented virtual reality fourDscape® browser defined by the user.

It is very important to note that these eight layers/components operate as a networked, distributed architecture, similar to what is commonly called “Cloud” computing, using a variety of network protocols.  For example, Layer 1 Resources can be configured as remote sensor feeds over the internet, communicating as a web service, using standard HTTP protocol, XML payloads, etc.  The same is true of all pieces of the fourDscape software including the remote browsers, servers and engines. 


4D Advantages:

fourDscape® is the Common Operating Environment that gives you persistent awareness, whether there is a situation or not. fourDscape allows you to use your existing investment in systems and data with no need to acquire any other proprietary hardware or software.  fourDscape lets you connect in real-time and coordinate all of your available assets such as cameras, sensors, data sources, floor plans, emergency operating plans and many other disparate systems.


fourDscape® can operate on 3G/4G, Lan, Wan WiFi, WiMax or Satellite connection over secure/encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels to share live data from around the world.

Morrelly Center Deployment:

fourDscape® is deployed at the Morrelly Homeland Security Center in Bethpage, NY.  It addresses the need for a Regional Common Operating Picture with information sharing, both horizontally, and among various command centers.  It pushes information vertically from decision makers to on-site incident commanders and even to individual first responders.


fourDscape® is also deployed in customized “tailgatER” configurations, bringing comprehensive views of the virtual scene to the mobile command vehicle.