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Seeing is Believing

Our fourDscape® platform provides vastly expanded awareness by interactively visualizing massive amounts of intelligence, surveillance and infrastructure data in a single four-dimensional Common Operating Environment. 

fourDscape® correlates your data in space and time.  This enables you to achieve persistent awareness during day-to-day operations or in times of crisis to help you make better decisions in your response.

Versatile and scalable, fourDscape® can be used on-site, at command centers or remotely with smart phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, etc., in applications such as:

  • Infrastructure: Water authorities, power plants, dams
  • Wide open border areas
  • Dense urban areas
  • Ports and transportation hubs: Airports, rail stations, heliports
  • Schools, colleges, universities
  • Military bases and installations
  • Bridges, stadiums, centers and large public gathering areas
  • Firehouses and police stations